MineTwin Simulation

Fast and accurate simulation of the operations in underground and open-pit mines

Scenario management environment allows users to keep all data for simulation consistent and up-to-date

  • All data is grouped into scenarios and experiments. Master data is common to all experiments
  • Schedules and equipment dispatching parameters can be set individually for each experiment
  • Data can be imported from GIS, EAM systems or common Excel files.
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The data is shown as a tree and grouped by type and model

  • Data about PDM, dump trucks, ore stacks, trains and other mine objects are shown in the form of a tree and grouped by types and models
  • Mine field map is shown synchronously in 2D and 3D views, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the work with the map
  • Parameters of all mine objects are edited in the properties window. All data is checked for correctness when entered, and errors are highlighted immediately after data entry
  • Additionally, MineTwin allows you to check the semantic correctness and integrity of the data
  • Most typical geometric errors are corrected automatically.

Fast and accurate simulation of mine operations

  • MineTwin uses the Amalgama® platform and libraries to create fast and accurate mine simulation models
  • The MineTwin simulation model allows you to simulate a year of mine operations in minutes on a personal computer.

Dynamic animation of simulation

  • Simulation experiments can be run with or without animation, which cuts simulation time in half
  • Users can speed up and slow down the simulation, as well as pause it at any point of interest
  • Gantt chart shows the state history of all equipment units. Ore volume charts allow for quick identification of mine bottlenecks.

Visualisation and reports

  • The simulation model shows the mine operation in 2D and 3D views. The color map of traffic congestion shows the bottlenecks of the transport network
  • The simulations resultes are desplayd in the interface of MineTwin Simulation and can be exported to Excel-files for the further analysis.

A short overview and demonstration of the MineTwin tool