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MineTwin modules

MineTwin is based on discrete-event simulation

MineTwin consists of two modules which can be used both separately and together with each other.

MineTwin Simulation

Minetwin simulation model quickly and accurately replicates the operations of underground and open-pit mines.

MineTwin Planner

MineTwin planner allows you to plan the operations of underground and open-pit mines on the operational and mid-term horizon.

MineTwin is developed by Amalgama

MineTwin is based on discrete-event simulation

MineTwin uses Amalgama® platform and libraries to provide fast and adequate simulation models of underground and open-pit mines.

Scenario management environment with 2D and 3D mine layout editors and data correctness checking simplifies data management and scenario building.

MineTwin allows users to simulate 1 year of mine operations within minutes on a regular PC.

Simulation can be run with or without dynamic animation. Switching off the animation allows to accelerate the execution.

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Key features of MineTwin

High simulation speed

Higher simulation speed powered by advanced graph theory algorithms used to simulate moveable equipment.

Reporting and logging

Advanced reporting and logging system aimed to support scenario analysis developed based on real simulation projects experience.

Module system

Ability to develop client-specific fully detachable fleet management and coordination logic to realistically reflect current and future operations of a particular mine.

Considering real operational constraints and parameters

Covering supporting activities like drilling, bolting, charging, moving personnel and explosives, not just load and haul operations.

Considering probability factors

Monte Carlo experiments to evaluate robustness of mine plans on any horizon from one shift to a year.