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MINETWIN SIMULATION Fast and adequate simulation of a mine

MINETWIN SIMULATION Fast and adequate simulation of a mine

Scenario management environment allows users to keep all data for simulation consistent and up-to-date.

All data is organized into scenarios and experiments. Master data is shared between all experiments. Schedules, assignments and other settings can be experiment specific.

The data can be imported from various sources ranging from EAM systems and mine surveying software to simple Excel spreadsheets and text files.

All data about stopes, ore passes, equipment units, trains, hoists and other assets is organized in a tree view and grouped by types and models.

Mine layout can be viewed and edited in both 2D and 3D views. Navigation between these views is synchronized to make the work fast and intuitive.

All parameters of objects (equipment units, etc.) are edited through property views. Property views are designed to help users avoid errors while entering and editing the data. Built-in error checking functionality helps users find inconsistencies in the data and navigate to the places which need to be fixed. Some errors in spatial data can be fixed automatically.

MineTwin uses advanced Amalgama® libraries that allows users to simulate 1 year of mine operations within minutes on a regular PC.

Simulation can be run with or without dynamic animation. Switching off the animation allows to accelerate the execution by a factor of 2.

Gantt charts show all details of equipment functioning. Cumulative flow charts allow users to quickly analyze ore flow balance by mine areas, stopes or for the entire mine.

Simulation can be speeded-up, slowed down or run to a specific moment of time to explore particular process or mine area.

Similar to scenario management environment, dynamic simulation can be shown in 2D and 3D views. Dynamic heatmap shows utilization of mine roads.

Formatted Excel report is generated after every experiment run. Detailed logs ensure that modeling results are transparent and explainable.

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