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MINETWIN PLANNER Scheduling of mining operations

MINETWIN PLANNER Scheduling of mining operations

MineTwin Planner allows to perform short-term scheduling of mining operations. The tool has 3 main functional blocks:

  • Short-term operations scheduler based on optimization algorithms
  • Schedule feasibility checker that uses on discrete-event simulation model
  • Job cards generation and export module. The format of job cards can be customized for the specific mine

User interface of the software can be customized and adjusted for effective and convenient use.

Short-term scheduler considers multiple goals and constraints of mines, such as:

  • Target volumes and target ore grades
  • Dependencies between operations determined by strategic and mid-term planning tools
  • Different durations of operations depending on types of equipment assigned
  • Exact haulage run lengths calculated based on mine geometry
  • Work-based and distance-based maintenance and equipment checks
  • Blasts schedules.

The simulation model checks feasibility of the short-term schedule and considers dynamic interdependencies that influence the performance of nearly all real mines, including:

  • Delays due to congestion
  • Queuing in front of ore passes and cross-dock points
  • Blockages and starvations of ore flow due to lack of coordination between drilling, haulage and hoisting

Short-term schedule is shown on a Gantt chart containing all key details for every job.

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